About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a cleaner and pollution-free environment to live in, by reducing the amount of waste taken to landfills and as well turn the waste into wealth.

Who we are

…born out of a passion for social work with a positive impact to drive change.

Higeneplus Investment Nigeria Limited (RC1812351) is an innovative youth-led enterprise with the primary aim and objectives to provide solutions to daily challenges.

Formerly Higeneplus Integrated Services, We are a top-ranked enterprise providing effective waste disposal services for households and workplaces. We engage in the collection, transfer, processing, recycling of solid wastes and effective disposal of non-hazardous wastes in Nigeria.

We pride ourselves in putting our customers first and ensure their needs and wants are adequately met by giving the highest quality and most affordable solutions. Timeliness is a focal point for us, with quick responses to our customers’ and employees’ requirements. With periodic evaluations of the working system and coming up with innovations, leveraging the latest tools in technology, our commitment to those we serve cannot be denied.

The health and safety of our customers, employees and communities we serve is a top priority. We strive to ensure that our processes our environmentally friendly and consistently work towards achieving a sustainable planet not for the present alone but also for the future we envisage.

Having several noteworthy achievements, we pace further to leave indelible impressions on our customers, investors and shareholders.

what we uphold that make organizations and individuals to trust us

Our Values

Result driven

Result Driven

We focus on RESULTS.

Team playing

Team Playing


Customer experience

Customer's Experience


Swift and dynamics

Dynamic & Swift

We IDENTIFY and QUICKLY RESPOND to changes in business trends

Integrity and Respect

Integrity & Respect

We always demonstrate INTEGRITY & RESPECT in our interactions



We provide our associates with the OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE AN IMPACT on our business and to ADVANCE THEIR CAREERS