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Higeneplus Investment Nigeria Limited is a youth-led and technology-driven enterprise with a primary focus on waste management to prevent the outbreak of disease, preservation of the environment, Community sustainability, and reduction of landfilling through Recycling and Responsible consumption using the waste hierarchy Reduce, Reuse and Recycling then Dispose of.

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Facility Cleaning

You can always rely on us for your Home, Hotel, Garden and Office cleaning services

Waste Management

Household waste Management: We offer excellent service and maintain good customer relations in household waste evacuation to keep your home and environment safe.

Medical waste Management: Toxic and Hazardous waste are dreaded and avoided by many due to the kind of caution that must be duly observed before disposal, at Higeneplus we have a team of experts to handle all your hazardous materials of any kind.

Industrial/Office waste Management: A clean environment does not only make you comfortable, but it also portrays your business in good shape. We offer exceptional waste evacuation of various kinds at a friendly pocket rate

Fumigation services

Pest and Insects are unavoidable and the impact of the damages are at the same time immeasurable, we have the best solution to help you keep them at bay.


Training on basic hygiene practice in working places and home: We offer trainings to cleaners and managers as wells as individuals in order to equip them with adequate knowledge

Environmental hygiene awareness

in accordance with our social responsibility, We are concern about the environment hence we also conduct campaigns to educate the community on the best practices.


Our target is to minimize the amount of waste taken to landfills to reduce the fiscal impact on the environment by converting the waste to useful products.

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